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Our address: 50 Let pobedy, 3. Minsk. 220056. Belarus republic.
We have a representative office in Moscow city, Russia federation.

This is the map with our office address in Minsk:


You can visit our office or send your request via the form online below. 
You request will be processed the same day.

Please, note that all incoming requests will be declined if the client contacts us because of curiosity only or he does not provide us with the necessary details  for our consideration. In order to estimate properly the opportunity, the time and the cost of your case we need all the detailed information on the object of investigation that you have gathered by now. Please, prepare and send us such data (if applicable):
- the person's full name,
- DOB or age,
- home address,
- appearance: weight, height, eyes, hairs
- photos, 
- the person's work place,
- if the person drives a car or goes on foot, 
- the date when you wish to start.
Also it's desirably to have got such additional information:
- the person's known phones #,
- Email address.

Send the details of your order via our request form:



2009-2015, Detective-Belarus PE.

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Branches offices: MinskGomel, Brest, Grodno (Hrodna), Vitebsk, Mogilev, Lida, Molodechno, Baranovichi,
Pinsk, Bobruysk, Borisov, Orsha, Novopolotsk, Salihorsk, Mazyr, Zlobin, Svetlogorsk,Rechitsa.