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Testimonials of existing clients about our work.


Well received all the file (photos, video and written report)
It's good work and I thank you, I will send to my client.
I thank you for the investigation. It's always good work
Thank you for your cooperation, the customer is satisfied
Good luck and see you soon
Philippe, France.

Hi Ruslan.
I received,very good work.
If possible try to get also more info about internet,email and ...
Don't worry...of course Im not gonna give any clue to marina about your investigation
Regards, Manuel

Dear Gleb,
I received your report, it looks carefully detailed.
My client got the report. We will get back to you with questions if needed.
Warm regards,
Antony. Poland. 20.05.2012

It was a pleasure reading your report, I went over it and was very impressed with your thoroughness.
Your research abilities are impressive and I would definitely like to do some more business with you.
I'm expecting one or even two cases, in Belarus, to hit my desk in the near future.
Best regards, Niko.
Austria. 26 March, 2012. 


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